Salute to Our Veterans
    We are eternally grateful to our classmates for their service and sacrifices to ensure our freedoms.  


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James C. Black
Otto George Brannan
Bob Burnside
James Edwards
Ed Farris (D)
Tommy Fibich
Bob Gass
Joe Gonzales
Bob Grier
Greg Hauser
Stan Hutto
Ray Inzer (D)
Bruce King
Thomas Lane (D)
Jeffrey Lumbert
Blake Matyear
Brent McMillon
Charles Medbury
Clyde Pifer
Roy Putz
Geary Reamey
Milton Remmler (D)
Jimmy Robinson (D)
Wesley Scott
Al Sendejo
Jim Vaughn
Andrew Villastrigo

Steven Wakefield

Jerry Wootan

Jack Anderson
Marcus Grant
Larry Hicks
Joseph Klinger
Grant Morgan
Ray Nagel
Dana Armstrong
Douglas Barnette
Ardith Becker Shea
Pete Berg
Phil Davis (D)
David Gaines
Val Gavito
David Jauer
Joseph Klinger
John Nathman
Bob Ochoa
Randy Perkins
Norman Phinney
Frank West (D)
Harry Ackermann
Robert E. Burns
John Clegg
Bill Cotner
Bubba Craighead
Gordon Terry Daffern
Wayne Eldridge
Ken Graham
Robert Hanley
John Idar
Ed Lauterstein
Rives Meerscheidt
Randy Nichols
Anthony Patino
Bill Powers
Oscar Rene
Donald Sheldon
Tom Stong
Michael Suter
Steve J. Tehee
Jim Todd
Jerry Windler
Thomas Biediger
Claude Crane
Gary Messer
Richard Noah
Keith Sims
Robert Stanton

(D) Deceased
Died in Vietnam
  "Our Band of Vols"      
      "Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder
if they have ever made a difference in the world.
A veteran doesn't have that problem.
Ronald Reagan
  Remembering Milton Remmler
    May 4,1969, helicopter 67-18529 crashed near a landing zone near Bien Hoa, Vietnam, killing the entire crew.
The pilot of this helicopter was our classmate WO1 Milton W. Remmler, Jr.
Milton's name is one of more than 58,000 on The Moving Wall, a large scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
The names of those who gave their lives and of those who remain missing are inscribed in the order they were taken from us.
  The Moving Wall was in Touro Park, Newport, Rhode Island, September 19-23, 2019, where classmate Albert A. "Tripp" Alyn took these photos.
  Panel 25W, Line 3   Candlelight Vigil   Name Rubbing  
  Find loved ones and friends on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.